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Diabetes report 2000 — 2045

Estimates were made for 48 Sub-Saharan African countries and territories in the IDF Africa (AFR) Region. For this edition of the IDF Diabetes Atlas, a total of 25 data sources (from 20 countries) were selected. About half (58%) of the countries in the IDF AFR Region lack high-quality in-country data sources. Only one country (Zambia) had studies conducted within the past five years.

Despite the lowest prevalence estimate of 4.5% among IDF Regions, the expected increase in the number of people with diabetes by 2045 is the highest 129% reaching 55 million. The AFR Region is also predicted to have the highest increase of 107% in the number of people with impaired glucose tolerance by 2045 reaching 117 million. The proportion of undiagnosed diabetes is also highest in the AFR Region with 53.6%. Only 12.6 billion USD was spent on diabetes in AFR Region, representing 1.3% of the total spent worldwide, despite the region being home to 4.5% of people with diabetes worldwide.

Key Messages

At a glance 20002011202120302045
Diabetes estimates (20-79 y)
People with diabetes, in 1,000s2,532.914,700.023,633.933,446.055,254.4
Age-adjusted comparative prevalence of diabetes, %
People with undiagnosed diabetes, in 1,000s--12,658.6--
Proportion of people with undiagnosed diabetes, %--53.6--
Impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) estimates (20-79 y)
People with IGT, in 1,000s-32,800.052,151.470,598.3116,726.7
Age-adjusted comparative prevalence of IGT, %-9.712.613.414.1
Impaired fasting glucose (IFG) estimates (20-79 y)
People with IFG, in 1,000s--40,925.255,200.084,700.0
Age-adjusted comparative prevalence of IFG, %--
Mortality attributable to diabetes (20-79 y)
Deaths attributable to diabetes-344,500.0416,163.0--
Proportion of diabetes-related deaths in people under 60 y, %-----
Type 1 diabetes estimates in children and adolescents
New cases of type 1 diabetes (0-14 y), in 1,000s-5.97.7--
New cases of type 1 diabetes (0-19 y), in 1,000s3.5-19.7--
Type 1 diabetes (0-14 y), in 1,000s-36.126.3--
Type 1 diabetes (0-19 y), in 1,000s9.5-59.5--
Hyperglycaemia in pregnancy (HIP) (20-49 y)
Live births affected by HIP--4,102,030.1--
Prevalence of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), %--13.0--
Live births affected by other types of diabetes first detected in pregnancy--553,659.3--
Live births affected by other types of diabetes detected prior to pregnancy--457,839.0--
Diabetes-related health expenditure
Total diabetes-related health expenditure, USD million-2,800.012,585.643,127.546,702.0
Total diabetes-related health expenditure, ID million--32,300.761,383.069,350.8
Diabetes-related health expenditure per person, USD-762.7547.11,886.01,434.8
Diabetes-related health expenditure per person, ID--1,404.02,716.42,116.2
Total adult population (20-79 y), in 1,000s217,888.0387,000.0527,155.5696,000.01,056,284.8
Population of children (0-14 y), in 1,000s242,277.0-469,013.6--
Population of children and adolescents (0-19 y), in 1,000s--589,563.9--

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