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North America and Caribbean

Diabetes report 2010 — 2045

Canada, Mexico, the United States and 21 Caribbean countries make up the IDF North America and Caribbean (NAC) Region. Estimates for diabetes in adults in the Region were taken from 27 data sources, representing 15 of the 24 countries. Suriname and the United States had studies conducted within the past five years. Belize, Haiti, Mexico and the US Virgin Islands had studies that used oral glucose tolerance tests (OGTT) but were performed between 1994 and 2009. Prevalence estimates for other countries may be underestimates because they were performed when diabetes prevalence was lower and/or because of the use of less sensitive detection methods (e.g. HbA1c and self-reporting).

Key Messages

At a glance 2010201920302045
Diabetes estimates (20-79 y)
People with diabetes, in 1,000s37,362.047,610.356,000.663,213.9
Age-adjusted comparative prevalence of diabetes, %
People with undiagnosed diabetes, in 1,000s-17,995.7--
Proportion of people with undiagnosed diabetes, %-37.8--
Impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) estimates (20-79 y)
People with IGT, in 1,000s36,623.055,491.564,015.570,664.1
Age-adjusted comparative prevalence of IGT, %10.412.313.213.8
Mortality attributable to diabetes (20-79 y)
Deaths attributable to diabetes313,209.0301,698.6--
Proportion of diabetes-related deaths in people under 60 y, %-44.0--
Type 1 diabetes estimates in children and adolescents
New cases of type 1 diabetes (0-14 y), in 1,000s14.718.7--
New cases of type 1 diabetes (0-19 y), in 1,000s-21.9--
Type 1 diabetes (0-14 y), in 1,000s96.7121.4--
Type 1 diabetes (0-19 y), in 1,000s-224.9--
Hyperglycaemia in pregnancy (HIP) (20-49 y)
Live births affected by HIP-1,566,993.4--
Prevalence of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), %-20.8--
Live births affected by other types of diabetes first detected in pregnancy-83,735.1--
Live births affected by other types of diabetes detected prior to pregnancy-134,941.2--
Diabetes-related health expenditure
Total diabetes-related health expenditure, USD million214,225.2324,478.0338,795.9346,697.3
Total diabetes-related health expenditure, ID million216,859.5344,475.1362,700.2374,044.5
Mean diabetes-related health expenditure per person, USD1,149.06,824.4--
Mean diabetes-related health expenditure per person, ID1,357.07,245.0--
Total adult population (20-79 y), in 1,000s319,893.0357,132.9393,541.5422,555.6
Population of children (0-14 y), in 1,000s105,402.0107,354.0--
Population of children and adolescents (0-19 y), in 1,000s-143,930.9--

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