Chris Aldred

As a person with 1 diabetes and father to son with type 1 diabetes, Chris has seen progress in diabetes diagnosis and management.

I was diagnosed in 1994, aged 25. I had been unwell and was showing the signs of undiagnosed type 1 diabetes. I was admitted to hospital and stayed there for seven days.

At diagnosis, my diabetes kit bag consisted of mix insulin, which I injected twice daily by syringe, a blood meter that took 120 seconds to give a reading and the results needed to be written in a diary. I was on fixed carbohydrate meals and fixed insulin doses. It was very inflexible.

Almost 25 years later, in February of 2019, my son is suddenly unwell. I recognise the signs. I ask him if I can check his blood level and sure enough, it is high. I take him straight to hospital and he is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 16.

His diagnosis was much swifter and the knowledge of the condition much greater than 25 years ago. Technology has moved on a lot and he is able to use a continuous glucose monitor and multiple dose injection therapy with long-acting insulin to live a much more flexible life than I did.

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