Type 1 diabetes estimates in children and adults

T1D report cover with mum giving her son insulin

Given that only 1.52 million of the 8.75 million people living with type 1 diabetes around the world in 2022 were less than 20 years old, the lack of data available for adult populations presents a stark gap in the research. Without rapid diagnosis and appropriate treatment, type 1 diabetes leads to diabetic ketoacidosis and rapid death, making awareness and education about the condition critical. 

The Type 1 Diabetes Index (T1D Index) is a joint initiative that has permitted more current and accurate estimates of type 1 diabetes prevalence across all ages, in all countries. This report provides an overview of the T1D Index’s methodology and findings and dispels misconceptions that the condition primarily impacts children and youth.  

Listen to Prof Dianna Magliano and Prof Graham Ogle discuss the findings of the report on D-Talk, the podcast series of the International Diabetes Federation. Available on iTunes and Spotify.

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62% of all new T1D cases in 2022 were in people aged 20 years or older