IDF Guide for Epidemiology Studies

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IDF Guide for Epidemiology Studies

The IDF Guide for Diabetes Epidemiology Studies has been developed to create standardized epidemiological methods in diabetes studies to enable researchers to conduct high-quality studies that generate robust data.

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IDF Course on Diabetes Epidemiology Studies

An introduction to basic concepts and principles used in diabetes epidemiology studies. This premium online course in the IDF School of Diabetes will provide learners with competence and proficiency in conducting diabetes epidemiological studies. It is targeted at:

  • Healthcare professionals who wish to generate local diabetes epidemiology data.
  • Epidemiologists who wish to standardise diabetes-related criteria for their studies.
  • Government officials who wish to generate robust data to help develop evidence-based strategies for improving care and strengthening healthcare systems.

Course fee:

  • Low-income countries (LIC)*: 50€
  • Others: 100€

*as defined by the World Bank

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